Time breaks many an ambition, many a thought, feeling, idea, or purpose. The life-grabbing monster consumes whole beings and leaves them shallow and empty. Those who have stood the test of time are no longer who they were. Change is inevitable. Without time, the short blinks in eternity we call our lives mean nothing. Time drives us, and motivates us to do, before we die. We do, because we die. We remember, so that others will. We love, so that others love back. We live, so that we live on.

But time can be broken. There is more to life than living on. Only true purpose can achieve what time can't. That is, significance. We are significant because we have purpose. We are given purpose by a God who cares deeply about us. And it's because of this love, care, that we have a way out. God gives that way out. And he offers it without charge, without condemnation. Without shame, through faith in Him.

He not only offers a way out, he offers a way to live. One that shapes us to become more like Him. Loving, happy, at peace. This is our purpose. This is who we were made, designed to be. We are not just parts randomly put together in perfect order by "pure chance." Our lives mean more than temporary satisfaction or petty arguments. We are called by the God who made us, to accept his purpose for our lives and live it out. It is because I have accepted this purpose that I now live, not perfectly, but in peace, knowing that I am who He designed me to be. Because of this I feel the need to tell others, and if you're looking to find the same purpose, same love, I know the God who gives it.