Thought on Thankfulness

Last night I attended a thanksgiving service at our church. The pastor asked us to think about things that we are thankful for, seems easy enough right? As I began, I thanked God for simpler things, my family, a house to live in, clothes to wear etc. As I continued however it became harder and harder to think of things, and I realized that like many people, I don't thank God very often! There are things that happened even in the last week that deserve thankfulness, but I can't remember what they are! After thinking about this some more, I have come to the conclusion that being thankful cannot be done correctly or meaningfully after a period of time. I have decided that I'm going to take the time to be thankful in the moment, when it counts.

Just how am I to do this though? Well here's one help I came across while reading a post by Michael Hyatt on his blog. ( He mentioned that he carries around a small stone in his pocket, everywhere he goes, and every time he grips that stone with his hand when he reaches for something, he takes time to be thankful for where he is right then, and the things that have happened since he last touched the stone.

Right there! I don't particularly want a stone in my pocket 24/7 but I do have things that are always with me, and I think that method for remembering to be thankful is perfect.
I will be more thankful. Will you?