The Link Between Purpose and Motivation

It seems that motivation is a hard thing to come by these days. There's lots of different people who will tell us how to get it, each telling something different than the rest. With so many opinions, how can we really know where to look?

Can motivation really be derived from something as simple as a temporary desire? Can we really look at a leader, someone who has the motivation to lead boldly, and say that the reason he or she does what they do is because they just "wanted to?" If motivation were that simple, everyone would already have it. The reason that we struggle to find motivation is that we're not working towards anything. Leaders lead, but they always lead in a certain direction, they know where they need to go, and others follow. That's what makes them leaders. They have purpose. Their motivation comes from their purpose. Because they know who they are, they know why they do what they do. Your motivation comes from knowing who you are, who you were designed by God to be. Small results come from temporary reason. Life changing, world shaking results come from purpose. We act in big ways because we have reason to do so. We inspire, create, succeed, and love. We do these things with more heart and more conviction than any temporary desire could ever accomplish. We are motivated because we were made to do these things, and do them well. Only one question remains: Where do we find our purpose?

Is purpose found in a great job, relationship, culture, or social group? Do you work hard so that you can level up in your job? Or so that you can succeed in a relationship? Certainly, but only temporarily. Think bigger. What is your life purpose? Are you who you should be? Probably not. I'm not. I make mistakes, I struggle with getting things done, struggle to succeed, same as the rest of us. The reason why I still have motivation is because I have a purpose. Christ has given me this purpose. He's taken away the punishment for the sins and mistakes I have made, and provided me an opportunity to succeed. This single act is the most important thing to ever happen to me. Because my past is gone, I now have the opportunity to look forward. Without this gift, a fresh start, I would not have the ability to look forward, only behind. My purpose is found in the fact that I am no longer held back by the sin so prevalent in my life. With this burden gone God's grace and peace work in me to provide the motivation to act. The reason I run is because I desire to finish well. The reason I act is because I want my actions to count, and not just here on earth, but eternally. Motivation is about legacy. Time is short, and we have much to do.

Matthew 28:19-

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"