The Difference Between Passion and Commitment

Many times in my fast-moving young life, I mistake passion for commitment. Somehow I trick myself into thinking that the things that get me excited are the things that I have invested myself in, but that isn't always the case.

Here's a story that explains what I mean a little better. Imagine a businessman walking down the street... He comes upon a homeless person. This man is feeling generous, and he feels bad for the person who's obviously hit some hard times. In order to help, he pulls out his wallet, and hands the homeless man a 50. Now let me ask this question: Was the businessman passionate or invested?

Passionate! Sure, he may think he is invested because he gave the man some money, but in reality, investing in this homeless person would take a lot more. Investing would take time, effort, possibly even personal sacrifice! This is a small example, but it serves to illustrate the fact that many times in our lives, we mistake passion, the "tugging at our heart" per-say, for truly investing in where God is leading us.

This concept, while probably appearing simple, reaches into many aspects of our lives. Whether this is our jobs, school, or relationships, becoming truly invested takes work. A problem I frequently encounter when talking to fellow students is a lack of interest in things that are not immediate. They are of the opinion that if something takes time, it is usually not worth pursing. This is something that bothers me. Seriously, bothers me. This mindset is incredibly harmful. If I counted the things in the past year that have brought me happiness, almost all of them took time, work, and some sort of sacrifice. Passion has it's place, but in order to be fulfilling, passion must develop into investment.

Take a moment to reflect this week on the times in the past year that you have become invested in something you were passionate about.