What will you leave behind? This basic question is one that pushes each one of us from the moment we're born till the moment we die. No matter our day, no matter our task, this question serves as a constant reminder that we are not eternal. It is this question that drives leaders, groups, and nations.

Each of us asks this question of ourselves. Who will remember us, who will miss us, who will admire us, or our work, once we're gone? Its a scary question if we're honest with ourselves, but it is one worth asking. In fact, it should be the one question that we ask ourselves each day. If we are focusing on this question then I believe we will be less likely to spend our time on meaningless pursuits. Focusing on the fact that life is short will allow us to spend our time here doing things worth remembering. This does not mean however that taking time to rest is wasting our lives, without that we would wear ourselves out. Rest so that you can work hard, not the other way around.

More important than what we leave behind is what we bring with us. Obviously the nice car, the big house, and your savings account are not going to be making that trip with you. So what do we bring with us? Well really, according to the bible, only those who are found in Christ will inherit the Kingdom of God. Those who choose otherwise do not. I won't water it down, we're either in God's camp or we're not, and the alternative is an eternity separated from God. Those who have been changed by Christ and his sacrifice will tell you that the thought of being separated from God is the worst one they can possibly imagine.

So where does that leave us? Ask yourself this question, who do you know that has not heard or realized what a life lived for Christ is like? Why are you waiting to tell them about this gift? Your life is but a blink of an eye, so make what you do during this time eternal. Do not leave behind your big car or fancy house to impress others, instead reach as many people as you can because once you're gone there is no second chance. Make your life count.

What do I want my legacy to be? I want my grandchildren to tell their children about the man who spent his short life in the service of the One who made him. I want them to say that while he was not perfect, filled with flaws and imperfections, he spent his life using the abilities that God gave him, however small, to tell others about the new life through Christ he had received.

It's not too late to make a legacy, but someday it will be. Start today.