The Difference Between Conviction and Condemnation

It seems these days that having conviction about something falls into the category of feeling guilty. The times in my life when I feel convicted, are usually those times I feel I should be doing more to prevent or further something. Unfortunately, many times this association of conviction and condemnation impacts my spiritual life and I often confuse God convicting me with God condemning me.

Perhaps this is rooted in my own humanity. I feel condemnation because I myself know that I am a sinner and I do sinful things. In fact, many of these sinful things aren't just one time instances. Some I've struggled with for long periods of time, never fully conquering them. This inability of mine to deal with my own sin could be the reason I feel as if I have been condemned. For me, this results in a "no hope" feeling, as if nothing I can possibly do will lift this burden of sin. I feel that there is no way out.

This is where Christ steps in. He is not the one condemning me. He convicts me when I sin, that I may learn from my mistakes. As a parent wants the best for their children, and corrects them, helping them to see what they have done wrong, Christ corrects and helps me to see my sin. Better yet, Christ not only shows us the problem, he provides the solution... Himself.

Christ's death on the cross is what lifts the burden of sin from me (and you). Because I have faith in him, he provides grace, and mercy to me. He not only helps me to see what I am doing wrong, but helps me to see what to do right. He shows me how to gain true happiness and peace. He provides forgiveness, and purpose. I pray you receive this forgiveness, and purpose, as it is without a doubt the most influential, freeing, and loving thing you will ever experience.

Evan WiseComment