Things used to be special, things used to be new.
You used to be different, and now you’re just you.
I want to be special, I want to be free.
I want to be different, but I’m only me.

I want to see again. I want to be changed.
I want to know hope, and not all this pain.
You’re asking for love, and a plan for the future.
You’re asking for trust, and peace much sooner.

So let’s walk through the mist, of our past and our fears
Let’s stroll down the path of our sorrows and tears.
Let’s try something new, we’ll be righteous and noble.
Let’s pray and let’s hope that forgiveness is global.
Let’s trust the Lord, let’s follow the light.
Let’s walk the straight path and do what is right.

I’m taking the leap, I’m jumping the cliff,
I’m leaving behind, all the pain and “what if?”
I’m praying for you, that you’ll do the same.
I’m waiting for you, please don’t be ashamed.

Just take the leap, I promise He’ll catch you.
Just jump, don’t think. I promise He’ll love you.
Just hope, don’t doubt, just love, not a little, all out.

Now things are special, now things are new.
Now you’re different, and you’re still you.
Now I’m special, now I’m free
Now I’m different, and I’m still just me.