Czech Republic 2017


The past few months of our lives have been filled with a lot of change. In late July of last year, fresh off of three months of travel (including my trip to Czech) and both of us starting new jobs, I got down on one knee and asked Brianna to be my wife. Just four months later, I stood shaking as she walked down the isle and joined me in marriage. After moving in, and spending the last month figuring out how to fit my belongings into our tiny apartment, things have finally settled down. 


Two months ago, Bri and I decided that against logic, finances, and time, God was calling us to go to the Czech Republic together. Our trip last year was a huge success, and the thought had crossed my mind to return, but with getting married, a super tight newlywed budget, and the changes that we are going through, I had pushed the idea aside.“It’s just too much” was my prevailing feeling.God had different plans. We decided to pray about the opportunity, and we walked away with a new desire placed in our hearts.

As a couple, we believe in going where God leads us, and God has clearly given both of us a directive to be on this team. That decision is not without fear. We are walking into this trip without even the means to support ourselves financially during the week we are gone. Though God has repeatedly blessed and provided for us this year (ask me), things are still tight. The cost of us both going is our sole responsibility (no bailouts), so in choosing to go, we are taking a big risk. If you were at our wedding, you’ll know that our pastor shared about a treasure we have received. That treasure is the gift of new life, purchased at great cost through the blood of our Savior.

We want to bring that gift to Czech, not because we know the answers, and not because we have things figured out, but because our cultures and our world is united in brokenness that may only be healed In Christ. Together, our hearts ache with desire to share this message, so our (small) risk is far worth it! We’re asking that you join us by supporting us financially and in prayer. If things are tight for you too right now, we understand. Know that we realize it may seem presumptuous to ask for your support just months after many of you blessed us with gifts at our wedding, but let that showcase all the more our determination to follow this calling.  


The thing about short-term misions is that oftentimes they are exactly that; short term, but what we are seeking to build here is something much more than short term. This is real. This is exciting. I have experienced God moving and blessing this program as it has literally exploded in growth over the past few years. I cannot wait to share this program, but much more importantly, the gospel to the students in the Czech Republic in a new way.


The beauty of the program we run here in the US is that is provides a bridge for us to build relationships quickly. Because we believe that the best way to share the Gospel is through relational ministry, this provides us a platform to share our faith with authenticity and transparency. As we run this program a second time in Czech, our goal is to continue building those relationships with students and educators.


Our primary goal last year was to equip BMA and Josiah Venture to use experiential learning as a bridge for sharing the Gospel. We hope to use our learned experience to help refine and support similar programs  (including one of ours, launched last month at BMA). 



One thing that we have seen cause growth within our programs within the US is equipping students to run the programs they participate in. One of our most-requested serving opportunities within schools in our area is leadership team-building. We’ve been asked to assist BMA as they attempt to create something similar in Czech. For us, this means running a few leader training sessions that focus on equipping these students to lead their communities well. 


$4000 is the total cost of the trip for both Bri and myself. You don't need to give big to be a part of our mission.

Anything helps! If everyone we know gave just $5, this mission would be funded in just a few minutes! All donations are

tax-deductible! Thank you! We are so excited to share what God does through our team! 



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