Bro-Road Trip 2015




There is something about the idea of a road trip that connects with each of us. Something about an open road, miles before you, miles behind you, equates with the journey of life. There is a freedom on the road, an excitement not knowing what is around the next corner, over the next hill.

This trip started with an idea. To go on an adventure. Three guys decided that this was the time in life to make memories, ones that would last. This was the time to do something crazy, have an adventure. So thats what we did. 

What did I learn from it all? A few things. First, camping is not about staying warm or dry. It's about troubleshooting every little thing that could go wrong when it does go wrong. Camping is about maintaining sanity though the night, and then laughing about it when you remember how many things went wrong. Camping can be horrible in the moment, but is always great in retrospect. 

Second, trips are more fun when you don't have strict goals to meet. I know it's a typical "college" thing to do, and I can see how an older person may value comfort over a sense of adventure, but to me it seems that the more structured a trip is, the more pressure we have on us to make it "great" instead of fun. 

Our society centers around what is "best" we google everything from the best movies to the best floss to use, because we don't want to waste time discovering them for ourselves. Did I learn some lessons about how to stay dry in a tent? Yeah! But I didn't learn them from google, I learned them from being wet. I think there is some value in that, and definitely some stories that I will carry with me for a very long time. 

Go, and have an adventure. 

Go do something crazy, and un-thought-out, because there is a lot of lessons and a lot of fun in figuring things out on the fly. Do that with things that don't matter, like stops on a trip, or new foods, so when the things that do matter come along, you'll have a better grasp on who you are. 

Pictures, and video from the trip are below. If you'd like to see a more chronological approach to them, then check out our twitter feed from the trip, located HERE

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