I am so excited to write this, because the mission behind this request is something I have personally worked on, prayed for, and watched God use throughout the past 5 years. I am thrilled to tell you about it, and even more thrilled to see it expand to a new place.  Let's jump in! 

THE PROGRAM ------------------------------------------------------

The program began with a need. A public school administrator reached out to our church, saying that she felt like the moral foundation of her school was eroding. She asked our church, Christ Community, if we would be willing to put something together for them. Bobby Jackson, our Hub (student center) Director, and a mentor of mine, began a program that sought to meet the need the school expressed. He and a team of hastily gathered voluneers ran the first event for the entire freshman class (650+ students) in our facility that fall. The next year, I was asked by Bobby to be on the Hub team, and I’ve been a part of almost every event since. 

The program at its core seeks to build a srong moral and social/emotional framework through the use of experiential learning. What that really means, is that we teach biblical truths about how to live life well, and relate with others in a way that students enjoy and remember far beyond our events. Because of the separation of church and state in America, we are not able to openly speak the gospel at these events, but we are able to share our testimonies, quote scripture (without calling it scripture), and answer any questions that students have about life and faith, all within our actual church building, on a school day! This is unheard of across the U.S., and since the program began, we have expanded from one school, to around 17 last fall. In those few years we have also expanded our program to include middle schools, and this year, elementary schools. Last fall alone, we reached over 3500 students in our area with this program, and we expect this fall to hold much more. 


THE MISSION ------------------------------------------------------

Just a short time ago, the Hub team was presented with a very unique opportunity; bring the Hub School Program to the Czech Republic! The Czech Republic is the most Atheistic country in Europe, and the third most atheistic in the world. Christianity has historically been the largest religion in the country but throughout the course of two world wars and a communist regime, now less than 1% of the country is considered protestant Christians. That compares to almost 50% of Americans who consider themselves protestant Christians.

We have partnered with Josiah Venture (josiahventure.com), a missions organization in eastern Europe, and we will be sending a fairly lean team  of both students (including my brother!) and adults who have been involved in this program over to a local school, and a pastoral community. 
The purpose of our trip is two-fold; minister to the students at this particular school during our weeklong stay, and equip the church to run this program for themselves. Perhaps the thing that excites me most is that within the Czech Republic, we are allowed to speak freely about our faith within the school system! This brings a whole new level to what we have already seen God blessing here in our backyard.


BE A PART OF THIS ------------------------------------------------------

 The thing about short-term misions is that oftentimes they are exactly that; short term, but what we are seeking to build here is something much more than short term. This is real. This is exciting. I have experienced God moving and blessing this program as it has literally exploded in growth over the past few years. I cannot wait to share this program, but much more importantly, the gospel to the students in the Czech Republic in a new way.

Consider partnering with my team both prayerfully and financially. The Gospel that we spread will change lives, will change hearts, and will impact the students of the Czech Republic eternally.  

Lastly, I would love to speak to you about this. I would love the chance to allow my passion for youth in this world, and in our community to spill out as we talk, so give me a call, send me an email, message me, social media me, or (best) grab coffee with me!






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