Hello! I'm Evan.

Hello! I’m Evan. Throughout this site, you can read all about what I’ve done, but before you get there, I want you to know who I am. Below I’m going to explain my personality and some things that are important to me in life. Hopefully, between the two, you get a good feel for the real me.

1- I am a reformer. I am the rare type of person who can see the biggest picture, the largest vision, but can also see the puzzle pieces that need to be placed to get there. I hold those two views in tension in everything that I do. I am a number 1 on the Enneagram scale (Google it), which means that my greatest fear in life is brokenness, and my greatest drive is to create structure out of confusion.

2- I always speak openly, and honestly. I believe that my transparency as a person leads me to my best relationships, my best work, and my best health. I trust others to speak their opinion, and I thrive when I have good feedback. I am always growing and learning, and I believe that great work comes from great collaboration.

3- I work best when I am given trust, and freedom to create. I am highly independent, and also highly collaborative. I will take the initiative to form new ideas, explore new plans. If I need to learn new skills to make my work great, I have, and I will. If you work with me, you will likely see more than one flow chart of my thoughts sent your way.

4- I am not afraid to make mistakes. I am also not afraid to say “I don’t know.” I evaluate pro’s and con’s of any plan I begin, and I ask for other’s input before making decisions that effect my team. When a mistake happens, or things don’t go as planned, I look for solutions, and seek growth.

5- (this is the most important one) I am a Christian. I believe that this world is broken, separated from the way it was meant to be, due to our own sin. I believe that on our own, there is no way to mend the divide between us and God, but that in mercy, God sent his son, Jesus, to take our sin on His shoulders, bridging the gap of brokenness. I believe when we decide to trust His sacrifice and live in righteousness, God gives us grace, and eternal life spent with Him. I live my life with respect for others who do not share the same beliefs. If you do not share the same religion, or viewpoint, I genuinely would love to hear more about what that means for you. As I said above, I will always speak honestly, and openly, but with those two also comes respect and understanding when others do not agree.

6- (all the rest!) I am very newly married to the love of my life, Brianna. She and I dated for 6 years prior to our marriage, beginning in High School. In our experience, it is very true that opposites attract! She is an introvert, I’m an extrovert. She is a certified EMT, and also enjoys caring for animals. She is gifted at listening, incredible at caring, and she is my greatest friend in life. I have one brother, Ryan who is my exact size, and looks almost identical, but is 5 years younger. My parents have been married 35 years, and they continue to surprise me with the excitement they share in both relationships and life. I love coffee, (I drink it black) and I am quite knowledgeable about tastes and techniques. I have a really tight group of friends, all gifted in different ways. Bri and I share a small apartment that is frequently filled with our friends and family. I enjoy cooking almost as much as I enjoy eating, and at the end of a long day, you can usually find me taking a walk in a local park, or sitting with my wife (and often others) watching a show on Netflix.

I hope that after all that, you have an idea of who I really am. I welcome your questions, and would love the chance to share more! Thanks for reading!